Hal Bretan profile

Hal Bretan is a commercial attorney with lengthy experience in global corporations handling mega transactions on both the buy side and sell side. He was most recently Chief Counsel for British Telecommunications in the Americas, primarily focusing on selling technology solutions to the Banking and Financial Services sector. Prior to that, he held senior legal roles in Radianz Inc. (a global network niche player connecting banks and trading entities to Exchanges around the world) and in AT&T and a number of its spin-offs. Hal is active in professional association and industry efforts to introduce Speed to Contract techniques to shorten negotiation timelines so that parties can achieve the economic benefits of deals sooner. He is adept at linking clients’ business objectives to contract terms and to negotiation tactics in order to achieve win-win results. Hal holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Management (both from NYU) and a J.D. (from Brooklyn Law School). He is licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey.